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by ~jenniferlynn on July 25, 2014

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Happy Friday!

It has been one of those weeks where it seems like everyone except for me is on vacation, which has made the day job pretty uneventful with no one around to delegate work or come up a million and one requests for reports or interpreting reports. Nice and peaceful- always a plus!

Last weekend I had my first girl-girl partner competition. As I mentioned last Friday, my partner ended up not being able to compete, so I had to mad dash to find a new one! Through a strange turn of events, a girl from our sister box had the day open due to not being able to compete in an unrelated competition she had signed up for– and it was a win-win for us both! Well, aside from the fact that this chick is pretty amazing. Like, “I can string 100 DUs” amazing. “I just qualified for the 2014 University National Weightlifting Championships” amazing. So, needless to say, she was a major asset to my team and pushed me harder than I could have pushed myself. This also meant that since she is super fast and efficient at movements, I got less rest time in between movements, so I died a little each WOD. The top right picture is the best representation of how I would sum up the day. 😉

battle of the sexes

My endurance has been just gone since I have focused on primarily Oly lifting. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t give up the Oly for anything! But only doing 2 WODs a week has left anything metcon-like down the pooper.

But in Oly news, I attempted to max both of my lifts this week after seven weeks of new programming. I will say I am much more comfortable at throwing weights overhead. And there is a lot of fear that has been eliminated. But despite having zero problems getting under the bar, I still just like to hang out there. At the bottom. I’m missing some sort of aggression that is supposed to go along with it (which I think the whole aggressive mentality is why I’m struggling with my muscle-up as well). We max again in three weeks, so crossing my fingers for some PRs instead of just hanging out at the bottom under my PR! In three weeks I want a solid 100# snatch and a BW C&J, which could be anywhere from 135-140. But 135# would make me ecstatic!

Olympic Lifting Almost PR

Oh! And I was able to get 4 strict ring dips in a row yesterday, PR!

Outside of Crossfit life, I am still working on swimming lessons! I successfully swam for 8 seconds. Real, face in the water, legs fluttering, arms stroking swam. My cousin is full of patience and is doing a great job as my instructor! 8 seconds may not seem like a lot, but it is huge for me! I’ll have to get a picture next session. With my awesome goggles.

And now.. some of of my Friday Finds for you!




Men’s Fitness: I was approached a few months back after a writer found the article I wrote about Crossfit and Dating. While some circumstances may have changed since I wrote the post, a lot of what I said still rings true. The guys at Men’s Fitness thought it was a great concept and posted my thoughts in their Crossfit Confessions! (Personally, I would have used a different picture, but they scoured my blog and pulled that one out).

Healthy Smoothie Recipes: In more shameless self-promotion, I had a chance to feature one of my most favorite smoothies alongside fifteen other bloggers. While this is more of a fall-themed recipe, it’s truly amazing. Try it. YUM.

Stop Basing Your Worth on your Physique: And another great post by Nia Shanks. Much like I discussed about how progress is more than your pooch, and abs are not the end-all-be-all, confidence is so much more of a sign of progress and self-worth.

New Products:

I know this is nothing new or up and coming, but since my competition on Saturday, I have been on a major epsom salt spree. Like, the past six days, I have spent no less than half an hour a night reading and soaking. I just ordered this. Yup, that’s nearly 20# of epsom salt goodness. On that note, I have been able to finish a book just during tub-time and looking for something new. I’m a huge fan of chick lit if you have any suggestions!

Epsoak epsom salt

Discounts and Deals:

Fabletics: I have written before about Fabletics, but with their new styles coming out on the first, I highly recommend you check them out and get an order in while sizes and styles are released. I am a fan of their Lima capris. You need these in your life. Plus, a whole outfit for $25?! Tank/tee plus capris/shorts/leggings/yoga pants. Plus free shipping. Plus free exchanges. You do have to cancel after you first order if you do not want a monthly $50 outfit, but to score your first outfit – there is no reason not to do it. Go. Right now.

fabletics lima capris


Your turn..
What is your fitness focus Do you usually sacrifice one thing for another?
How pretty are your lifting faces?
What is your biggest struggle with Oly lifting?
Can you swim?
Have you ever been quoted in a major publication?
What’s your favorite smoothie?
Do you live, breathe, and die by epsom salt baths?
Have any good chick lit books to share?

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links in which I may receive cash or product compensation for promoting. However, I only talk about things I love, so click on them and buy them to help support my blogging efforts. 🙂

Sandy Shepard July 25, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Come on out here once you’re an otter – I’ll swim’ya in the S.F. Bay 😉

As for a book – I have to shamelessly promote my author Toby Neal – she’s more a woman-weighted murder/police mystery writer (all set in Hawaii), but her books are great bathtub reads. Mind you, I’m usually balancing my Kindle on my hand and imagining all sorts of horrors if I drop it in…so far so good 😉

Beki July 26, 2014 at 11:27 am

In 2010 I signed up for a sprint triathlon. THEN I learned how to swim for reals (like face in the water). I did pretty good in a pool after a few weeks of lessons, but open water was an entirely different story. Face in the water swimming is a big deal (at least it was to me), so congrats!!!

I was featured in Women’s Running in their Jan/Feb 2012 issue! I was also quoted from one of my tweets in Self magazine. I’d love to get my story into a mag someday. Maybe I should write my story first. Details.

I struggle with OHS and snatch. I am getting better at snatch because my new CF box focuses on weightlifting twice a week.
Beki recently posted..5 Tidbits about what I’ve been up to!My Profile

Twitter: mast2mar
July 26, 2014 at 9:36 pm

Great job on the PR! You ladies look super cute for competition 🙂 And I like soaking in some lavender epsom salt 🙂
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