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by ~jenniferlynn on August 1, 2014

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Happy August! Sadly, my birthday month is officially over. But if you still would like to contribute to my aging self, get in touch and we can work something out. 😉 Some scenes from the week..


As usual of late, nothing too major and exciting going on in my world. I had a chance to check out Fractured Prune and share a dozen donuts with a certain someone (rather than force-feeding him the paleo goodies that usually come out of my kitchen). And by share, I had 3 and let him devour the remainder of the dozen. Eat to perform, guys.

I finally went to see my middle-sister’s new house (just got married, now a homeowner.. crazy!) and hang out with my niece and nephew, Juneau and Koda, husky loves of my life <3.

In my lifting world, since I’ve had an Oly focus, I haven’t done many actual Crossfit classes, but this week I had a chance to; and lucky for me, it was deadlift day, and then a rainbow came out, so it was just meant to be. It’s been awhile (months!) did I did any heavy deads! There was no near-PRs as I was hoping, but was able to do 225# x 2. I’ll take it! Also, this week I managed to finally string 5 strict ring dips in a row and then got super ambitious and attempted to do a WOD RX with ring dips. Even breaking it up in sets of 3, it was tough and I no-repped myself a handful of times. It took me over 14:00 to finish the workout, a significant chunk of that was spent on the ring dips! But hey, it felt pretty grand do RX that business!


And since I started taking epsom salt baths at night and forcing myself to just relax in the evening, I have noticed some great improvement in my sleep. While in the image below I went to bed at 11:00, the normal ritual has been 10:00 bathtime, relaxing and reading (just finished Thirty-Two Going on Spinster— I’m a sucker for seemingly hopeless single-girl chick lit), and in bed by 10:30. Sleep is so important!

Also, I am becoming a natural fish. Okay, not quite a fish. But a month ago I struggled just bobbing my head underwater and blowing bubbles and now I real-swam. Real grown-up, face in the water, legs kicking, arms stroking, swam. Major progress up in here.

Lastly, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Pinterest. And a combination of Pinterest plus my baby sister’s mild obsession with tattoos and trying to convince me to get one… I have started pinning like mad to this board.. I am going back and forth with the idea of getting one; possibly one in memory of my dad, or one to be a daily reminder of something, or one to prove that I can do things that scare me, or one just for fun and to show that you shouldn’t take life so seriously (my middle sis has one of these).

Follow Wine to Weightlifting’s board Tattoo ideas on Pinterest.

I also created a Crossfit Community board if you want to join it and pin your favorite Crossfit-related things you run across on the web. Comment on one of my pins if you want me to grant you access to pin!

Follow Wine to Weightlifting’s board Crossfit: Community on Pinterest.

And now.. some of of my Friday Finds for you!




Paleo Drummerput out two great posts this week that I really enjoyed. Not like he has bad posts ever, but both of these I had to share. One was The Scoreboard, in which he talks about why you should/shouldn’t log your progress. Most of us aren’t elite athletes and will never be, so is there real value in stressing out over the numbers? The other was about us being lemmings in the world of Crossfit. Highly recommend.

Dawn at Shrinking Inked Girl fell in love with Crossfit last January (thanks to me!), but decided it wasn’t for her. And she lost a chunk of her social media friends because of it. Here’s why she did what she did.

Another lifter, Jenny, CFL1 trainer, fell out of love with Crossfit, but found her happy place in bodybuilding. Seems backwards, right? But listen to why she did it. And give yourself time to read through it as it’s quite lengthy, but this girl knows her stuff.

I found a new awesome Crossfit chick blogger this week, and the fact that her name is Jennifer makes her even cooler. And she has a line of shirts repping “Thigh Pride.” Love it. Check TrueBarbellion out!

And then there is this video. Nothing else to say.

New Products:

Reebok Nano 4: Sooo…… I have forever expressed brand loyalties elsewhere, but as part of a Fitfluential campaign, I was selected to try these shoes out and blog about it. Expect a full post to be coming soon, but I am not going to lie- it may have been love at first sight.

Discounts and Deals:

Fabletics: I just talked about Fabletics, but really, it’s silly not to sign up for their service. Basically, you get a whole outfit for $25. Love it? Keep it. Don’t love it? Exchange it. Free shipping, and a million good reviews on their site. Highly recommend. After your first outfit, you get enrolled in their monthly $50/month service, but you can skip any month you want, and cancel anytime if you don’t want to spend the money that month. I just ordered this outfit. Super cute. PR pants, for sure! (Oh, and if you use my link, I get $10 for future gear, so thanks!).

Score a whole outfit from @fabletics for only $25 using my referral link! http://www.fabletics.com/invite/23798245/

My buddies over at Fringesport are also hosting a giveaway for some bumper plates! I wrote about them a while back; you can check out that review here. And then if you don’t win, buy them anyway. Because FREE SHIPPING and the team there is great.


Your turn..
Are you a fan of donuts?
What is your favorite lift?
What is one skill that you have made progress on lately?
Are you obsessed with Pinterest?!
Do you have any tattoos? Any ideas for Crossfit/lifting/strength-related ones?
Have you felt that you are labeled as a runner, crossfitter, bodybuilder, etc.? Do you prefer the label over just being?
What is your fitness shoe of choice?
Do you have any home gym equipment?

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links in which I may receive cash or product compensation for promoting. However, I only talk about things I love, so click on them and buy them to help support my blogging efforts. 🙂

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August 4, 2014 at 12:00 am

Great job on the swimming jen!!! Wooo hooo!!! I’m working on guitar lessons, slowly getting better! Can play a couple easy taylor swift songs, one is (almost) memorized 🙂 Just takes practice!
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~jenniferlynn August 5, 2014 at 8:29 am

How awesome!!! <3 her! 😉

Liz August 6, 2014 at 10:14 am

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