You don’t know who you inspire

by ~jenniferlynn on June 29, 2015

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“Wow, that was amazing!” the unfamiliar face said to me with wide eyes and a big smile while I was standing up after being exhausted from pushing the 360# sled across the turf. I smiled back at the very petite mother of two, who looked like she weighed no more than 100# herself, impressed at her drive pushing her last sled push at 245#.

It was her third Crossfit class and her first Saturday team workout, in which Coach Morgan always comes up with the most horrific and devious workouts; this one filling almost the full hour of teams rotating doing sled pushes of increasing weight.

Welcome to Crossfit.

Once in a while I like to do the Saturday team workouts as a change-up from my Outlaw Way programming that I have been following, but so often I just hide in the back of the gym and do not get much of an opportunity to mingle with the new kids or even to take a minute to step back and remember what it was like to be new.

We have had an increasing number of on-ramp members lately, taken under the wing of one of our newer coaches. Watching new people move is sometimes comical; seeing someone attempt a snatch for the first time or watching their wiry arms and wobbly legs attempt an overhead squat; seeing the look of pain and discomfort cross over their faces while the coaches push the newbies well outside their comfort zones.

Not much more than two years ago, that was me.

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