If you remember not too long ago, I was boasting about using Eat To Perform for Crossfit, liberating myself from the paleo prison I was trapped in and opening my diet up to foods that not only make me feel better overall, but help to fuel my Crossfit performance. A plan that encouraged white rice and even suggested eating cereal before bedtime (a nostalgic habit that I grew up with). With the adjusted guidelines, I noticed plenty of changes in the box with better endurance, recovery, strength gains and PRs, but also witnessed some added scale weight.

The number on the scale itself never bothered me and my clothing fits fairly the same, though admittedly yoga pant type jeans are quite forgiving. But when I would do my typical post-shower flexing (everyone does this, right?), I could tell that I was retaining weight in my midsection, which brought back memories of my pre-paleo body. I ran across an article on Greatist that couldn’t have come at better timing about interpreting fluctuations in weight. After finding my place on the chart: increasing weight, increasing waist, increasing strength; I realized that despite being in a better place within the confines of the gym, I was likely in a calorie surplus. Bulking, yo! ;)

It had been awhile since I had a Bod Pod test done (last one was in July), so out of curiosity, I scheduled another one to evaluate if my current way of eating and training is in line with my goals. The results of the test confirmed my suspicion that my recent weight gain was more than just muscle gains; over 5# gained was fat. Yes, there was muscle gain as well, and despite hitting PRs and still feeling comfortable with my body (seriously, learn to love yourself at any stage and it makes life far more grand), I still felt like what I was doing may not be ideal, and some tweaking needed to be done. [click to continue…]


Crossfit Games Open 14.5: I can do hard things

April 8, 2014

I can guarantee that if you surveyed any Crossfitter and ask what his or her most-disliked Crossfit movements are, I can guarantee 99% of them will say burpees or thrusters, and probably nearly just as many will quote them both. While the first four Crossfit Games Open workouts passed, and not one of them contained […]

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Fitmark Namaste Tote: A #nicebag for Crossfit

March 31, 2014

Regardless if you do Crossfit or any other sport, chances are you have plenty of gear to tote around back and forth between home and the gym. I have used everything from a reuseable grocery bag to a dufflebag to a standard gym bag and while each has their perks (from one being quite inexpensive […]

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Supplements for Crossfit

March 28, 2014

While I have been having some major gains and eating quite a bit with Eat to Perform, I will admit that there is always something more that I could be doing better. While I will preach all day long that you can acquire all nutrients and vitamins for optimal performance via food, various factors such […]

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Crossfit Games Open 14.4: The Return of the Suck

March 26, 2014

When 14.4 was announced, I was positioned the back of our box, starting my first class of a ten-week Oly-specific training program. Aside from my coach and the four of us other athletes secluded to the back, everyone was else was huddled around the electronic WOD board streaming the live feed. As we were reviewing […]

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Five Things Friday: Single and Sweaty Edition

March 21, 2014

If you do not know already from my posting it in all social media channels multiple times, I am the sexier half of a podcast called Single and Sweaty with Alex of Distance Obsessed. I have been having a blast recording with him, though before Episode 7, we had never  met face to face! This […]

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Crossfit Games Open 14.3: Sexy Lifting Pictures and Stacie Tovar likes me

March 19, 2014

As with every other Crossfit Games Open announcement, there is a large amount of anxiety that builds up beforehand, anticipating which movements will be thrown into the mix, what sort of rep scheme, and the amount of time that the athletes would need to endure the result of the seemingly random hopper. Since workouts 14.1 […]

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Gaining Weight with Crossfit and Why it Doesn’t Matter

March 13, 2014

I have always been thin. I was born a preemie almost two months early, wore a size 4 in second grade, and didn’t start my period until just before I started high school. In high school I lived on macaroni, chicken nuggets, Taco Bell, hash browns, salads and fries smothered in ranch dressing. More recently, […]

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Crossfit Games Open 14.2: Chest Bumps and Bruised Egos

March 11, 2014

What I love most about blogging is not only to have a way to share my success stories with the internet world, but also hope that someone can relate to what I have to say and maybe take it to heart. I had some great feedback on my last post about my pre-14.2 thoughts, which […]

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Monday Confession: I don’t always shave my legs

March 10, 2014

I was just talking on one of my recent podcast episodes about a question that came up on OKCupid about if there is an obligation for women to shave their legs. I answered no, because honestly, I consider it a chore and oftentimes don’t even bother. And a guy should love me for me, untamed […]

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