#WODSwap July 2015!

by ~jenniferlynn on June 28, 2015

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Well hello from the blog-slacker..

I just realized the last post that I published was the June swap… oops! I guess life has been taking a bit of a priority lately and my little corner of the internet has been on a bit of a hiatus! I left my job of six years to take a new position (a major switch from being able to blog/tweet/social-media during the day time, to not being able to go onlineΒ all day.. #firstworldproblems all the way). Where I was used to freely accessing my blog and networking and reading others’ blogs, now I am just forced to work all day. Psh. πŸ˜‰ Also, started working with a part-time venture, trying to grow my passive income so that I can say goodbye to the corporate world and hello to my personal training/life-coaching business. Baby steps!

Now balancing full-time job, part-time job, Crossfit, my blog, my life.. ahhh… send any sort of life-organization tips my way! πŸ˜€

Anyway.. let’s get swapping!

If you are new, check out this post on how the #WODSwap got started.

#WODSwap: July 2015- Sign up HERE!!

We are still holding steady around 30 participants a month, so trying to make sure there are no duplicate swaps.. but please invite a friend and let’s see if we can reach 40 this month!

#WODSwap crossfit penpal program

If you need a reminder, click here to revisit the rules.

#WODSwap: July 2015- Sign up HERE!!

The sign-up for July will be open today and end July 5, 11:59pm EST. Matches will be sent out July6!

Sign up HERE!!

Check out some of the swag people received in April’s Swap, and be sure to use “#WODSwap” to get your gear featured here next month! So many fun things!!!

If you love this idea, sign up today and please use the share buttons below to spread the word!!

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