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by ~jenniferlynn on May 20, 2014

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For the second year in a row, I had an opportunity to spend my weekend at the Crossfit Games Central East Regionals. We were fortunate to have a team from our sister-box, Plymouth Crossfit, compete, including one of my coaches, Lynn, but I would have attended even if we didn’t have a team to support! Even though HQ did a great job of live streaming events this year, not everyone would find the venue locations convenient (we had over a 4 hour drive from Detroit to Cincy), but there are some experiences that are just so much better in person! I would highly encourage you to go for some of the reasons below if you ever have a chance!

5 Reasons to Attend Crossfit Regionals Games as a spectator from @winetoweights

Traveling with Crossfitters

The first notable experience will be making travel plans with people who you are used to only seeing within the confines of the box. Sitting in a car for hours with anyone will allow you opportunities to hear stories that you may never be able to unhear, find out what sort of music you are able to tolerate (or not), and find out what true friends they are in regards to what happens when you fall asleep in the car (THANKS, JIM!)..

So called “friends” will turn into “enablers” and all of a sudden your seemingly strict diet has now been tainted with tortilla chips, coney dogs, Lemonheads, and Reese’s Pieces.. Oops. 😉 (Can I mention that Sunday, my body was begging for broccoli..?!)


The Scenery

Upon arriving in Cincinnati, a fellow Crossfiter commented, “Nanos and yoga pants, everywhere.” I have never been to Cincy before but walking around downtown, it was quite easy to pick out who was there to spectate or compete, and who was a local.

Within the arena is even more a surreal experience. Very few people wear jeans or dresses or anything other than workout gear, most people sporting shirts to represent their boxes (helped to scope out the guys and find out if they were local or not..). I can guarantee you will never be in any other place that is just swarming with so many fit people or those who have drunk the kool-aid.

Plus, depending on your region, you could get pretty up close and personal with athletes like Froning. Or Foucher. Or Kinney. Total girl crushed this weekend (is it creepy I stalked them from above?)..

central east female athletes julie foucher michelle kinney

Of course, there is always the post-event nightlife which tends to happen, more so for spectators than competitors. We had a saying last year, “What happened in Columbus, stays in Columbus..” Seems like when you have a group of people who lead pretty structured lives and then are let loose for a weekend with no responsibilities or obligations, things happen.

But in the calm before the storm, it is neat to be able to pick out the Crossfitters in a crowd, with most athletes leaving their Nanos and booty shorts at home and trading them in for equally revealing clothing; women baring their thighs and shoulders; men with shirts tight enough to see their abs. (Also discovered that Crossfitters make excellent mechanical bull candidates..).

Be Inspired

How can you not get pumped up watching amazing athletes throw down heavy weights and race through metcons?! The competitive atmosphere is amazing within the Crossfit community. Watching athletes that I know out on the floor made it even more inspiring, knowing all of the hard work they have put in.

plymouth crossfit central east regionals jekyllhyde

Team Plymouth Crossfit <3 repping JekyllHyde Apparel (photo credit: Jason Swafford)

While you can see all of the action that is going on during a live stream or video playback, the emotions that fill the room cannot be replicated through any sort of electronic source. Watching a team (or individual) suffering from obvious fatigue is almost painful at times, though when there is a crowd of spectators cheering the athletes on it seems to give them a power to push through that wasn’t there before.

Networking and Swag

One of the best parts of the Regional events that you cannot get from the live steam is the vendor booths, and who doesn’t love STUFF!? Reebok is a vendor that is likely at any Regionals event, but there is also an opportunity to be exposed to some brands that you may not be familiar with and have any questions answered on the spot. I was able to chat with Winnie from RipFix, who analyzed my hands and gave me her recommendations on handcare, and a representative from JUNK headbands, who fully explained why their bands were above others.

Plus, some vendors are all about sharing samples of their products, such as Quest and Fuel for Fire!

Quest has pasta!? #questcincy #crossfit #centraleast

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Crossfit Community

Just as I talked about on why you should compete in a competition, in the Crossfit realm, strangers aren’t really strangers. Crossfit people “get” eachother and regardless of what team an athlete is on or where they are from, everyone seems to get along with everyone. The majority of spectators are fellow athletes, and everyone is brought together for a common purpose. There are people of all ages, all sizes, all walks of life gathered under one roof just to watch the awesome sport of Crossfit.

One of my favorite moments that seems to be a recurring them at these competitions, is the continual support the competition is to one another. In almost any event, males or females or teams, when there is one person or team left to finish, so many of the athletes that have completed the event will cheer the athletes on, pushing them to complete those final reps.


If you cannot make it to a Regionals event, I do encourage you to stream them when you have an opportunity to experience some of the benefits of watching athletes compete at that level. But if you have any sort of opportuntiy to attend an event in person, definitely make plans to do so!

Your turn..
Have you ever been to a Crossfit Regionals Event?
What is your favorite part about attending one?
If you could meet one Crossfitter, who would it be?
How are your eating habits on vacation?
What’s your favorite song to jam to in the car?

Rachel May 20, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Yes! Yes! Yes! I totally agree with all of the above…next year we will stay the entire weekend! MORE FUN…more people to meet!
Have you ever been to a Crossfit Regionals Event? Yes first time was 2 weeks ago in Chicago.
What is your favorite part about attending one? Oh the energy in the room is INTENSE! The crowd is nice to look at!
If you could meet one Crossfitter, who would it be? Camille
How are your eating habits on vacation? I try to stick to the plan, but there are more drinks, more dessert…and less planning.
What’s your favorite song to jam to in the car? Anything Dave Matthews (Live)…or OAR. I’m a closet hippie.

Megan May 20, 2014 at 2:09 pm

Can’t wait for NorCal Regionals in 2 weeks!! And if any of your readers are in NorCal… I do have an extra weekend pass still on my hands!

Chris May 20, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Ahh, I wish I could’ve made it! I wanted to go so badly! But hey, life got in the way… oh well. While not at a level such as Regionals, I also got to witness firsthand the CrossFit community and how the first to finish an event will be right there cheering the last to finish. No other sport does that. It’s awesome. Like you said, CrossFitters totally get each other.
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Danielle @ It's a Harleyyy Life
Twitter: itsaharleyylife
May 20, 2014 at 8:18 pm

so jeal! I need to get to a regionals one day! maybe next year!

Laura May 21, 2014 at 8:36 am

Love it, all of this sounds really similar to what it’s like at a powerlifting, strongwoman or Olympic lifting competition (the latter of which I expect you’ll be doing soon!). All the strength sports are really similar like this, the group friendliness and the fun etc.
Laura recently posted..Back to training & new programMy Profile

M. Love
Twitter: Ms_MLove
May 21, 2014 at 11:36 am

Next year….we go together…we meet in LIFE! But hopefully before then 🙂
M. Love recently posted..All Caught UpMy Profile

~jenniferlynn May 21, 2014 at 1:03 pm


Sandy A May 22, 2014 at 7:48 pm

i have never been to the Regionals, but i have attended the Europa Games which is a fitness expo and has a huge Crossfit competition. I also attended the Games in Carson last year. It was a blast!!

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